Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Its been awhile

Sorry for the Giant gap in between posts, its just that during the winter break season I am incredibly busy and have very little free time, that time that is free is devoted to doing homework, Projects, gift buying/rapping, and getting ready for family to come.

BUT! Things are going quite well at the Nofsinger residence, The downstairs is 90% complete with a few touch ups in paint to do, all the flooring in, and just trim left. The Garage area, which I thought would never have anything done to it has undergone a massive transformation into what is going to be a daycare room for Felica. Along with that transformation has gone new wiring in multiple places throughout the house, moving things to there own circuit, putting in a new box, and separating things out a little better. Hopefully it will cut way down on anything needing to being tripped in the Main Breaker box.

I have also finally moved all of my computer equipment into my own office, in the room we had originally thought to be my office, The Red room.

Felica also rewarded me for all my hard work by getting me a TV/Monitor for my computer and 360. 32" of HD goodness.. THANK YOU FELICA!

Other than that.. things are just great!

OH... and I forgot to mention that the Nofsinger house has a new member, His name is Cooper, he is 24 inches long, 13 pounds, and Part Pug, Part beagle. He is probably the Cutest thing I have ever seen, and I think most people would agree.

Well I'll throw some pictures up finally so you can see for yourself the differences that have overcome the house.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I told you things would pick up again!

well.. a few weeks since I posted about the water softener, and like I expected, things have started moving again.

last Thursday I finished drywalling in felica's office and textured the walls so that they would be ready for painting in the next couple of days.

This last weekend, my parents and Adam came down to help and we got a fairly large amount done. We started off on Saturday by installing a bathroom vent fan, took roughly about 3-4 hours, after which Felica and I took them all over to see our new Menard's mega store, and out to supper. On Sunday after church we got all the REAL wood trim cut (but not installed) for felica's office and the new bathroom. Felica and Mom also painted felica's office a very attractive 1/2 blue, 1/2 country white walls. looks superb.

We also hung the door for the bathroom and that about does it for when the Family was around. But after they left, felica wanted to continue working so we kept going and put in almost all the ceiling tiles, and clear coated the door once.

Also Zach and Felix came over, and helped remove yet another old chimney from the house (number 3) but thankfully it is the last chimney remaining, so no more of that!

Things are really going along quite smoothly.. hope to get some pictures up soon!

Thanks for all the comments and hits!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Also be sure to check out my Education website!

Just thought that I would throw a link up to show off what I've been doing in my classes.

This is a required web page that all teaching candidates must complete before graduation.. let me know what you think!



Grinding to a stop

For the last 2 weeks things have really seemed to slow down around here, I'm working on getting my schoolwork done and catching up on relaxing, while Felica continues to hammer away at her Mary Kay and daycare. I feel that at this point and time though, things are slowly going to start ramping up more.

For example, last night I installed a water softener, and a whole house filtration system (very proud of myself, I just hope that It doesn't get any leaks. or I'll be in big trouble). As it stands right now though, you can really tell the difference that it has made in the water system overall. When I showered this morning, I used way to much soap and could barely get rid of all the suds, did the same thing last night when I was washing my hands.. Hopefully this will really cut down on the amount of soap used overall in the entire house. The taste of the water overall has greatly improved as well. I did test our water too to see if there was anything wrong with it, and on all the tests I did, everything showed up just as it is suppose to, so that is a big relief also.

Next big project on the list is to finish up Felica's office or to put in a Dishwasher, haven't decided which will be first but you never really know until the time comes to get it done!

Alrighty, well I'll let you go for now and I'll also try to get some pictures up soon.. (not quite sure where the camera is though.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Hello on this wonderfully sunny day,

This last weekend we had planned to work on the roof... we should have checked the weather.

On Saturday we started working on the roof by removing all the shingles and such. when we finally got them all down there was some damage to the roof that needed to be fixed before we could continue, I was trying to break and old roof board by stomping on it when suddenly, STAB!, totally stepped on a nail that went through my shoe and directly into my left heal. Needless to say it was very painful, and I had a hard time walking on it for the next few days. After that it was starting to get late, and I needed to go to work at 3:30 so, I got ready for that and I went to work, and the rest of the Crew (mom, dad, Adam, and Felica) went to Menard's to get all the stuff to fix the roof. by the time all was said and done, we didn't get anything back on the roof before Saturday nights end.

Sunday morning I was rudely awakened by the sound of Felica yelling my name and the sound of water, I threw on the lights and low and behold, it was raining outside, and inside. NOT GOOD. so we all get up and dressed as fast as we could, and worked in the cold rain and on a slippery roof trying to cover it up as best as possible so that it wouldn't leak anymore. Felica got on my phone and started calling up people I worked with to see if someone would work for me, sadly everyone was to Self Ingratiated to help, so even though the rain didn't stop, I had to leave the task of waterproofing it up to Dad, and Adam. Needless to say, the pulled though as usual and totally got the roof at least waterproof.

The house right now is in the process of drying, we have fans in every room and a dehumidifier running in our lower level. luckily this happened right before winter, the super low humidity out side should completely dry our house by next summer (if not ALOT sooner).

As for the roof, we are going to be finishing it up next weekend, and should get it all done then.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Times are good!


So far, things have gone pretty smoothly, no one has died, but we have had some injury's. I've almost ripped off 3 of my nails (fingers and toes). Kitty took a dive in the yard and hurt her back, and we've had many cuts scrapes and bruises, but things are slowly coming together.

Last night I started Texturing, and went on a spraying rampage, completely texture my room, I had originally planned just to do the ceiling, but thought, AHH what the heck! Next on my agenda for tonight is to get up on the roof and start beating the crap out of the Chimney, taking it all the way down to just the top of the roof, then maybe break some of it out from the inside.

I also set up my computer at home so I can actually do some work on it.. getting pretty anxious without it. I also beat halo 3 with Adam on Tuesday.. great game, if you don't have it, go get a 360 and pick up a copy.. GOOD STUFF...

Alright, well, I better get back to school, got Metallurgy coming up next!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

All Moved In! But still not done!

Well, had to move out this weekend of our old apartment. Someone rented it and we were suppose to be out on the 28 by noon. Thankfully a bunch of my buddy's came and helped move, without there help I probably would have never been able to move everything. So I would like to personally thank Justin Allik (AKA HYDRAULIC ALLIK), Eric Hakeensen, Eric (From Steves) and Dave Swenson. These guys rock.

We also got a ton of work done on the house, the living room is almost complete, and we installed wood floors through the living room, office and a hallway. We also got the ceiling upstairs in our bedroom, and I decided to take the ceiling down in my office/guestroom. Things are really coming along. going to be great when it all done.

Also would like to thank my parents again for helping, wouldn't be near as far as I am right now without their help.. Thanks DAD!